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Desire is the source of motivation. It is the “fire” that fuels great performances, outstanding victories, perseverance, determination, and drive.


Everyone in business is paid in two ways: money and experience. Take advantage of the opportunity to gain experience first; the money will follow.


” If a child is unable to learn in the manner in which we teach, perhaps we should teach in the manner in which they learn” – Estrada, Ignacio

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What’s remarkable about the Lebanese diaspora is that you are bound to meet someone from Lebanon wherever you go.” Furthermore, technology has aided in keeping the Lebanese community in touch with one another. At its best, Lebanon Hub will enable the Lebanese diaspora to strengthen ties that may already exist by sharing images, videos, experiences, and stories.


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A powerful community, Lebanonhub provides the Lebanese Diaspora with all the tools they needs to build, manage and engage with their communities. 


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Maximum coverage of trending topics and key issues impacting the global Lebanese community

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Dalida Iskandar Meake

I still believe that journalism is a more direct short-term weapon when your goal is to change the world.

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Fatima Hoblos

Knowledge is a dynamic journey. In every action we take, we must embrace authenticity and reflect diversity.

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jalal hasbini

The world is becoming a smaller village. We must embrace technology and remain connected to build even stronger economies.

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Lebanon Hub is an initiative launched on the Google Play Store aiming to connect the international Lebanese community. It also aims to foster economic and business opportunities among Lebanese communities from across the world.


Motivational videos

Stream motivational videos where-ever you are!  These must see videos ignite emotion and inspire personal and professional growth.


Engage with customers on Lebanonhub for free. Your free business profile lets you easily connect with local customers in the Lebanonhub network.


Thinking of studying abroad? Unlock your potential and gain access to helpful tools, tips and resources to support you on your expat journey.


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Lebanonhub is a premium networking, business and social expansion platform. Our focus is to create equitable, resilient and prosperous Lebanese communities all around the world.



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